Run If You Can (2010)

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SynopsisAn independent tragicomedy, Run If You Can is the debut feature for director Brüggemann who, along with his sister, also wrote the compelling screenplay. Forced to spend the rest of his life in a whee ..Show More
CastRobert Gwisdek, Jacob Matschenz, Anna Brüggemann, Daniel Drewes, Amelie Kiefer, Franziska Weisz, Michael Sens, Leslie Malton, Jörg Bundschuh, Sven Taddicken, Alexander Hörbe, Arne Gottschling, Christian Ehrich, Dietrich Brüggemann
ProductionWDR, Südwestrundfunk, ARD, Wüste Film Ost, ARTE GEIE, Wüste Film
Release28 Jul, 2010